DEP Cross Connections Finally Goes Digital

In a move to streamline and modernize the backflow test reporting process, the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Cross Connections Department has announced the transition to online submission for Initial NYC-GEN215B and Annual NYC-GEN215B Backflow Test Reports. This digital transformation aims to simplify the experience for testers and ensure accurate and timely record-keeping of backflow tests within the city.

Key Changes:

  1. Online Submission Portal:
    Access the new, user-friendly online submission portal here. This portal serves as the central hub for submitting both Initial and Annual backflow test reports.
  2. Form Optimization:
    The updated form now features fields for crucial information, including:
    • Type of report (Annual or Initial)
    • Date of the backflow device(s) test
    • Borough, block, and lot of the device(s)
    • Manual input of the device address
    • Tester’s contact number and email
  3. Single File Convenience:
    Simplify the process by compiling multiple reports into a single, easily manageable PDF file. This efficient practice ensures a smooth submission process.
  4. File Size Efficiency:
    Keep files under 25MB for quick and accessible submissions, optimizing the user experience for all stakeholders.
  5. Graphite Seal Requirement:
    For users employing a seal, adhere to DEP standards by using graphite to expose the seal. This step is vital for validation and compliance.

The DEP’s Cross Connections Department is committed to providing an accessible and efficient means of reporting backflow tests. The transition to online submission, along with the streamlined form requirements, represents a significant stride toward achieving this objective.

This user-friendly process not only benefits testers but also contributes to maintaining a robust record-keeping system for backflow tests in New York City. Embrace this positive change promptly, utilizing the online portal for submitting your Initial and Annual NYC-GEN215B Backflow Test Reports.

For queries or assistance, contact the DEP Cross Connections Department at

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